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Project Ideas for Fashion/Apparel Technology Students 2020

It is time for the idea note to be prepared for the research project that you will be doing in your next semester. I'm sure you're doing research to find a good topic for your project that should sound interesting, trendy and add value to the industry. The project is called as a study or graduation project.
I've prepared a list of interesting and valuable topics after researching current trends and development happening in the fashion industry and fashion supply chain. If you find this interesting for you, you can choose one of those.
Many of you are getting interested in innovative topics. But it takes time to complete the project for the important and creative project concepts and in many cases, a project cannot be completed in 5 months. So, while selecting a topic you need to be careful about the outcome/deliverables of the project, value-added to the industry, the possibility of getting a good score in the final jury.

Developing an alternative solution for real-time output monitoring (other than RFID and barcode)

This RFID, barcode and touch-button technology has long been used by the garment industry. All those equipment and additional manpower needed to manage the data capture device in real-time.
Can you think of an alternative technology for real-time production tracking which can eliminate the use of hardware components for the apparel industry and be more advanced?

Designing and developing a mobile application for different garment factory activities 

Mobile applications (App) is still cool if you can meet the daily need to report, analyze data and improve process visibility. You can use the keyboard to take any department in a garment factory or any process throughout the entire apparel supply chain where we need to manually prepare documents or enter data to a computer. The computer/laptop requirement may be removed by adding an App for each operation.
You know what the App has to do in our daily lives. Why would professionals in the fashion industry not have an App list in their smart mobile for every role they perform and every report and document they make? For eg, Mobile App for Quality Control, Line-out, Hourly Production Report, Regular Production Report, Manpower Report, Machine Maintenance Report, Internal Problem & Task Tracking etc.

Smart Factory–Construction and ROI costs and what's needed to set up a smart factory 

I know we can only dream of a smart garment factory. But for the world's 99.9 percent garment makers, the truth is far away.
The gap can be minimized by continuous research work and the development of a cost-efficient method (Big Data, IoT, AI, Sewbot, Cloud computing).
You can do a project as called in the Title on the simple Smart Garment factory stuff.

Industry 4.0: In the clothing industry 

Industry 4.0 the current state and potential is not only a buzzword, but it can also add innovation to the fashion business. Through incorporating the industry 4.0 tools in the manufacturing sector, you can find many posts and write-ups on this subject for how much work is done so far and the possibilities to do many things.
Learn more about this subject and choose an idea of what you can do in this area. Then go ahead and do your research.

Sustainable fashion production / sustainable fashion supply chain 

All are aware that only sustainable business can survive in the long run. Looking at the environmental issues that the apparel manufacturing industry is causing–we should be happy with fast fashion and traditional fashion production. To boost climate change and a healthy environment many things need to be improved.
Research in this area will be genuinely interesting and valuable to the nation as well as to the entire supply chain of clothing. You can choose any region to support the fashion industry.

Starting a label of clothing while studying @LPU / NIFT / Pearl / NIIFT / College In the coming days, doing a job is not sustainable.

The phenomenon to come-apparel and design practitioners set up their own companies and become entrepreneurs. Many have in mind a roadmap for creating a business in the future. Why in the future-why when we study @ college, we can't start the business. If you can study the company set-up possibilities and whatever you need to realize the business idea–that would be a good project job.
Let's assume that one company creates its own brand/clothing label. (Any other areas are the business). Like designing mobile apps, becoming a professional designer, starting with Freelance for any kind of services that can be provided through an online portal, becoming a reseller, etc. You can set a precedent for many aspiring entrepreneurs by doing project work in this area.

Improving the use of Big Data in the fashion industry

Developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for the apparel software available or focusing on chronic issues experienced by the clothing industry.

Project topics on industrial engineering, Production management and process improvisation

Preparing Training Module / Program for New Operator
PMTS Implementation
Development of Incentive Scheme for Operators, generation of KPIs.
Developing Skill Matrix Chart
Designing Material Handling System
Work Station Designing
Work-In-Progress Optimization
Job evaluation in each department
Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance
Process Re-engineering in Cutting Room
Business Process Re-engineering.
Supervisor Training for Improved Sewing Lines
Efficiency Ergonomic design of equipment

Project topics on lean manufacturing

Implementation of Modular Production System
Implementation of in-line finishing in the production line
Error Proofing (Poka Yoke) in various departments
Reduction of 7 waste through Lean Tools
Single Minutes Exchange for Fast Fashion
Implementation of the Kanban System in the production floor
Value Stream Mapping
Implementation of 5S in the garment factory
Six Sigma implementation in Cutting department


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